Choosing the correct cabinets for your counter tops:

Choosing your ideal countertop is already no easy task as we are so spoilt for choice in today’s times. We are provided with a myriad of options when it comes to countertops. The various options of countertops include Granite, Marble, Engineered stone, Soap Stone and even Wooden or Melamine countertops. However, just replacing the countertops is not always enough.

Is the cabinetry strong enough to substantiate the weight of your Natural Stone Countertop? In some instances this could be true, it comes down to your choice of stone and thickness of cut, creating the weight of the countertop. When using natural stone, the countertop is considered to be quite heavy, and usually your standard chipboard/ laminated wooden cabinets are not strong enough. one would have to introduce a steel skeleton to hold the weight of the stone or stonger wooden choices such as Pine or Oak wood. These steel support structures can be hidden very easily otherwise one could embrace the steel and go for a rustic look. Wooden Cabinets bring a strong comforting feeling, knowing that your cabinets will last a lifetime. Countertops for your bathroom are the same, however, natural stone slabs can be much lighter and thinner as we see less intensive traffic in the bathroom as compared to the kitchen, rather making use of natural stone finishings to keep the theme of the home going through. Using wooden cabinets with stone finishings brings an elegant look to any bathroom. To learn more about natural stone slabs, check out or website at Earth-Stone is a natural stone provider based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Whether you need it it for your kitchen or bathroom, we have the perfect slab of natural stone to suit your tastes. Natural Stone is both timelessly elegant and extremely durable. Tile stones typically come in Travertine, Limestone, Soapstone, Slate, Marble, and Granite. Soft stones like Slate and Travertine are great for indoor uses like walls, floors and back splashes.

Mother Nature provides uniqueness in every slab of stone. Visit our showroom in Strand to make your selection and we will transform it into a beautiful feature for your home or office or contact us today

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