What is natural stone?

Over Thousands of years of our planet evolving, Earth Stones didn’t look like they do today. The planet was filled with mineral gases. As time passed, the Earth started to add heat and pressure that began to solidify these minerals. When you buy natural marble, granite, slate, or limestone, you are buying materials that have been around for 300 to 500 million years. They come from all across the planet, where continents and seas, earth movements, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions have continuously transformed the landscape.
Slowly those solid minerals made their way up to the surface and created the landscapes we know today! As you might already know, there are various types of natural stones that homeowners and business owners can choose for their space. These different natural stones are formed from the reaction of different minerals over the years! As a result, no two stones can have the same appearance because each variety has its own set of characteristics.
Natural stone history has had a significant influence on Earth-Stones’ current products. The tradition of using stone for paving, cladding, and other purposes inspired us. Every quarry, we realise, creates a different range of colours and veining in the marble, granite, slate, or whatever stone is removed. Every slab of natural stone has a piece of geologic history. Earth-Stone’s stunning products genuinely take you to another time in natural stone history. The movement in the stone, which appears to be exquisite art, is a true picture of the Earth’s movement over time.
From kitchen countertops in your kitchen to bar countertops in your favorite bar, you can see that natural stone is one of the most popular materials! It gives both homeowners and business owners the aesthetic and durability that meets their needs.
We deliver intricate and exquisite craftsmanship that will boost the architectural beauty of a landscape. Our items have a rich and natural feel to them, adding to the comfort of your living environment.

Whether you need it it for your kitchen or bathroom, we have the perfect slab of natural stone to suit your tastes. Natural Stone is both timelessly elegant and extremely durable. Tile stones typically come in Travertine, Limestone, Soapstone, Slate, Marble, and Granite. Soft stones like Slate and Travertine are great for indoor uses like walls, floors and back splashes.

Mother Nature provides uniqueness in every slab of stone. Visit our showroom in Strand to make your selection and we will transform it into a beautiful feature for your home or office or contact us today

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