Beyond the Kitchen: Surprising Uses of Natural Stone

When it comes to natural stone, many people think of countertops and backsplashes in the kitchen. However, natural stone has a wide range of uses beyond the kitchen. Here are some surprising ways that natural stone can be used in your home.

Bathroom Tiles
Natural stone tiles can add a luxurious and elegant feel to your bathroom. From marble to slate, there are a variety of natural stones that can be used to create beautiful and functional bathroom tiles.

Fireplace Surrounds
A fireplace made of natural stone can add warmth and character to your living room or bedroom. From traditional brick and limestone to more modern granite and marble, there are endless options for incorporating natural stone into your fireplace surround.

Outdoor Landscaping
Natural stone can be used to create stunning outdoor landscaping features, such as retaining walls, walkways, and patio pavers. Not only do these features add to the beauty of your outdoor space, but they are also durable and long-lasting.

Interior Walls
Natural stone accent walls can add texture and depth to any room in your home. From rough-hewn stone to sleek, polished granite, there are endless options for incorporating natural stone into your interior design.

Sculptures and Artwork
Natural stone can also be used to create beautiful sculptures and artwork. From intricate carvings to abstract designs, natural stone can be shaped and molded into a wide range of shapes and forms.

In conclusion, natural stone has many uses beyond the kitchen. From bathroom tiles and fireplace surrounds to outdoor landscaping and interior walls, natural stone can add beauty, functionality, and character to your home. When considering incorporating natural stone into your home, be sure to work with a reputable supplier or contractor who can help you select the right type of stone for your specific needs.

Whether you need it it for your kitchen or bathroom, we have the perfect slab of natural stone to suit your tastes. Natural Stone is both timelessly elegant and extremely durable. Tile stones typically come in Travertine, Limestone, Soapstone, Slate, Marble, and Granite. Soft stones like Slate and Travertine are great for indoor uses like walls, floors and back splashes.

Mother Nature provides uniqueness in every slab of stone. Visit our showroom in Strand to make your selection and we will transform it into a beautiful feature for your home or office or contact us today

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